4 Island Tour

snorkelling kantiang bay

Swim through an 80m long tunnel and arrive at the spectacular lagoon inside the Emerald Cave at Ko Muk

This snorkelling tour takes in the Emerald Cave at Ko Muk, Ko Ngai, Ko Cheuk and Ko Wen. Visit the magical Emerald Cave at Ko Muk that used to be used by pirates to stash their treasure and loot! Swim through the dark 80m long tunnel towards the opening to the lagoon where you’ll be surrounded by lush green jungle – pure tropical paradise!

kantiang bay 4 island tour

Entrance to the Emerald Cave

kantiang bay 4 island tour

Inside the Emerald Cave

Marvel at the dramatic scenery of limestone karst islands and snorkel around the islands of Ko Lanta’s National Marine Park. Jump from the long tail boat into the warm crystal clear waters of the Andaman sea and discover fantastic marine life.

Even if you’re not so interested in getting in the water, the trip is well worth it simply to enjoy the amazing island scenery. The islands are close together and your boat will sail amongst them for a truly unique experience – revealing the wonders of the Andaman Sea.

kantiang bay 4 island tour

View from the beach at Ko Ngai

While most of the tour is on the boat, most operators will also stop at Ko Ngai where you can walk along the beach or stretch out on the sand and work on your tan. There’s also a few resorts on the island so bring along a few baht so you can have an ice cream or refreshing fruit shake!

The 4 Island Tour is a must on your visit to Ko Lanta. If you’re staying in Kantiang Bay then boats leave directly from Kantiang Beach. Most tour operators will offer long tail trips but you can also inquire about speedboats.

4 island tour

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