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Thai massage Kantiang Bay

Relax mind, body and soul with a traditional Thai massage

Thai Massage is an ancient Thai tradition that aims to soothe and heal the mind, body and spirit through stretching, deep tissue massage and pressure points. Traditional Thai Massage (or ‘Nuad Bo’Rarn’) includes both yoga and meditation and combines the ancient arts of Chinese and Indian healing medicines.

‘Nuad’ means to touch with purpose of healing and ‘Bo’Rarn’ is Sanskrit for something that is ancient and revered. The practise and training of Thai massage has been handed down for centuries via Buddhist monks. The purpose of Thai Massage is to bring the body, mind, and spirit into a state of balance and harmony, providing an opportunity for self-healing.

The benefits of a Thai Massage can include: stress relief, deep relaxation, warmed and stretched muscles, healing energy flow, greater flexibility, increased and focused energy levels, prevention of injury, relief from sore and aching muscles and joints, detoxification, and a feeling of confidence and well-being. It is believed to be deeply therapeutic for those in pain from tension, injury, or illness.

A traditional Thai Massage is conducted fully clothed on a floor mat without oils or lotion. Thai massage techniques include using the thumbs, elbows, palms, forearms, feet, and knees to compress muscles and pressure points working along energy meridians called Sen lines. Thai Massage is practiced very slowly (sometimes for more than two hours), in a choreographed ‘dance’ with the idea being to create a relaxed, meditative state for both the person giving the massage as well as the recipient.

There are plenty of places you can enjoy a Thai or any other type of healing massage in Kantiang Bay. If you would like to enjoy the ultimate spa experience, try the Pimalai Spa, Baan Spa or Arista Spa & Salon. If you prefer a beach setting, hearing the gentle sound of the waves, Kantiang Bay View Resort has several massage salas on the beach. For a massage with a view, Lanta Marine Park View or Top View offer stunning hillside settings with fabulous views out over the bay.

Thai massage Kantiang Bay

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