Public Mini Bus Transfer

The cheapest way to get here!

You’ll need to get a taxi from the Airport or your resort to Phuket Bus Station ~ 500 THB
Minibus from Phuket to Lanta (Klong Dao) – 199 THB per person (last minibus leaves Phuket Bus Station at 3:00pm)
Pick up from Klong Dao to Klong Nin – free service

We can arrange the Private Taxi Transfer or either type of SpeedBoat Transfer for you – for the Public Minibus Transfer, you are better off organizing things when you’re there. There’ll be loads of taxis at the airport who can take you to the bus station or your hotell can easily order one for you. It’s about a 45 min drive from the airport. They sell tickets in the main ticket office in the Bus Station and you should ask for the Pink & White minibus (which runs on LPG) as this is much, much cheaper (and more environmentally friendly). Pink in Thai is ‘see chompoo!

Please note: During the Peak Season (December & January) the car ferry can be subject to quite lengthy delays and we highly recommend a speedboat transfer (gauranteed under 2 hrs). This depends on the tides and if there is a lot of traffic. Worst case scenario has been a 6 hour wait for the ferry (the last ferry leaves at 10:00pm).

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