Best Jogging Routes from Kantiang Bay

best jogging routes from kantiang bay

Great reward after your run – the gorgeous and private Au Nuy Beach!

Too much curry on your holiday? Don’t let your routine fall by the waist side – a beach jog or walk is the perfect way to have your curry and eat it too!

Who knows, perhaps the stunning surrounding and refreshing early mornings temperatures might even inspire you to take up a new routine!

Kantiang Beach

Distance one way: 1km
The first and most obvious choice is Kantiang Beach. The beautiful Kantiang Beach is a 1km stretch of tropical sands perfect for an early morning or sunset walk, jog or run. There isn’t a more beautiful setting for a daily exercise routine then running or walking on one of the most beautiful beaches on Ko Lanta, admiring the sparkling blue waters of the Andaman Sea on your way. The beach is often empty first thing in the morning but its also nice at sunset as the sky turns lovely shades of red, orange and pink. This a particularly nice walk or run at low tide. At high tide, water blocks the passage through the rocks on the far south side of the beach, making it a little difficult to get to the very end.

Kantiang Bay – Au Nuy (Nuy Bay)

Distance one way: 2km + steps
Au Nuy or Nui Bay is a tiny beach just up from Kantiang Bay. Head south up the road out of Kantiang Bay – the road is well shaded from trees but has many hills (a few of them quite steep) which is good or bad, depending on how much of a challenge you’re after. Pass Pimalai Resort and Spa and pass Noon Restaurant, just around the corner is a small, faded sign marking Au Nuy. The steps along the path through the jungle down to the beach are very clear and perfect for a little extra training. The reward once you get to the bottom: a stunning private beach! If want to spend less time of the road, you can also run along Kantiang Beach and when you get to the end, run up to the main road and head south, which is also a little shorter.

Kantiang – Klong Hin Beach

Distance one way by beach: 2km
Distance one way by road: 3km
The next beach up from Kantiang Bay is Klong Hin – a nice quiet stretch of sand, perfect for jogging since there usually isn’t anyone around. Head north on the main road out of Kantiang Village until you get to the next beach. This is Klong Hin and you can either jog on the beach ends at the Narima Resort or stay on the road, which if you finish at the same point, is a much longer run.

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