kantiang bay restaurants

Kantiang Bay offers a great range of restaurants, cafes and places to eat. From traditional Thai cuisine as enjoyed by the locals to the 5-star luxury of the Seven Seas Wine Bar Restaurant, there’s something to suit every taste in Kantiang Bay.

Romantic Restaurants:

Same Same But Different
Seven Seas Wine Bar & Restaurant
Secret Restaurant
Bay Front Restaurant

Fantastic views:

Seven Seas Wine Bar & Restaurant
Noon Bar & Restaurant
Jungle View
Bay View Restaurant
Bay Front Restaurant
Top View Restaurant

Where the locals eat:

Ba Kantiang
Som Tom
• You will also find a number of other places which regularly pop up over night and sometimes disappearing a few days later. Just look for small packages of food wrapped in banana leaves, and unpretentious looking (to say the least!) venues.

Chilled Out

Drunken Sailors
Pad Thai Rock ‘n’ Roll
Kampong Coffee Shop and Restaurant
Alama Cafe and Bar

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