Bay Front Restaurant

Baan Laanta Resort and Spa Bay Front Restaurant

Right on the beach – The Bay Front Restaurant at Baan Laanta Resort and Spa

Baan Laanta Resort and Spa’s Bay Front Restaurant offers stunning views over Kantiang Bay beach and has a truly amazing seafood BBQ every evening that serves the largest fresh prawns you’ve ever seen! There’s also a selection of locally caught fish and seafood that is cooked to your specifications right in front of you.

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Their Panang curry is to die for and they also do baked potatoes in the BBQ coals. The adjacent Aqua Bar will bring beer, wine or a variety of short drinks and cocktails to your table.

TIP – Try ordering one of the delicious Thai curries as a filling for your baked potato – it beats hands down the cheese and beans we all know from our student years and it’s worth it to see the look of confusion on the waiter’s face. They will double-check if you are sure it’s not rice you want.

kantiang bay restaurants