A Little Handmade Shop

a little handmade shop kantiang bay shopping

A Little Handmade Shop is a very cute little shop tucked on the end of the row of shops opposite 7-Eleven on the very edge of Kantiang Village’s main street.

A Little Handmade Shop is packed full of unusual handmade things, from jewellery to clothes, postcards to hair decorations, toys to notebooks and all kinds of art. Their creations are inspired by all things handmade, and their mission is to create original, handmade items for you and your home.

A little Handmade Shop on Lanta is a collaboration between three of the nicest people you could ever imagine meeting; Teem, Qwan and Woonsen.

a little handmade shop kantiang bay shopping

One is an architect from the coast on the other side of Thailand. She has lived on this island for more than ten years. She lives a simple life with her husband and 3 lovely cats on the sunrise side of the island.

Another is a girl who dreams of being a housewife… But life has not granted her that job. She needs to do lots of things to survive such as graphic design, photography, web design and event management. In the near future she would like to start a small bakery shop as well. What a life!

The third is a diving instructor who graduated from a famous Law school. Her hobby is creating jewellery and accessories. A lot of people are falling in love with her products, branded under the name Jelajibbie.

Together, they would die for art and craft. They love to design things that combine handmade influences with texture, pattern, and color.
Their cozy life by the sea gives them much of their inspiration.

One day they thought, ‘Why don’t we start our own handmade shop? Yes! Why not?…’ and so, as simple as that, “A Little Handmade Shop on Lanta” was born.

a little handmade shop kantiang bay shopping

They make nearly everything by hand, usually using original designs. Every item is different and has its own characteristics. This is what makes handmade products so charming.

In the rare cases that they don’t create the products by themselves, they choose them with their hearts; picking them out carefully along the way. They follow an eco-friendly philosophy and support local people and products. They use many natural and organic materials, and above all, strive for the very best, handmade quality.

They also offer Web design, Photography, Product Design, Graphic Design, Interior design and more.

a little handmade shop kantiang bay shopping

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A Little Handmade Shop

Kantiang Bay, Ko Lanta, Thailand 81150
Tel: +66 (0) 849 489 688
Email: info [at] littlehandmadeshop.com
Website: www.littlehandmadeshop.com

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