Nine Art Gallery

Nine Art Gallery has moved from Kantiang Bay to Lanta Old Town.

Malee and Pook’s new space is called Malee Malee and is full of lovely hand made t-shirts and jewelery and of course amazing painting and drawings. Keep in touch with Malee Malee on their Facebook Page.


malee malee

malee malee

Nine Art Gallery can be found on the main street in Kantiang Bay. Artist, Pook has been painting for more than 20 years and has a beautiful collection of traditional Thai canvas and fabric paintings. She works with silk and sarongs and can create custom pieces made to order.

Malee designs unique and intricate tattoos and uses the traditional bamboo tattoo method of tattooing. Tattooing using bamboo is much less painful that when using a needle and has the additional benefit that you can go swimming the next day.

Tel: +66 844 438 581