Fruit Smoothie Off! Who is the Winner in Kantiang Bay

Juicy tropical fruits blended with a little ice and maybe some creamy coconut milk or yogurt is the perfect way to cool off on a hot afternoon in Thailand.

Fruit Smoothie Off! Who is the Winner in Kantiang Bay

In Kantiang Bay you can choose from nearly all the restaurants, cafes, or street stalls to prepare a refreshing fruit shake or smoothie. You can pretty much blend any tropical fruit with a bit of ice or coconut milk and come up with something delicious! There are so many potential combinations from watermelon to pineapple or creamy coconut or banana that you can probably try something different everyday on your holiday. What’s the best in Kantiang Bay? Since there is so much variety, its too hard to name just one so we’ve narrowed it down to three. If your staying in Kantiang Bay, then these are all much tries!

Where:Kampong Restaurant
What: Mango Smoothie
How much: 50THB

Fresh juicy mangoes blended with ice – perfectly simple and refreshing! Sometimes simple is best and Kampong Restaurant’s mango smoothie is just that. Bright, refreshing mango is an absolute must-try.

Where: Drunken Sailors
What: Woon’s Honey Hippy
How much: 70THB

Pineapple, lime juice, yogurt and honey – creamy, tangy and a little sweet! Healthy and delicious, Woon’s Honey Hippy is one of several creative fruit smoothies at Drunken Sailors. Have one with your breakfast or as a refreshing snack later in the day.

Where: Phad Thai Rock ‘n’ Roll
What: Carrot Costume
How much: 70THB

Carrot, passionfruit, and green apple. Yes, that’s right carrot! You mostly taste the sweet and tangy passionfruit and green apple but the addition of carrot makes this smoothie a vibrant bright orange and adds an a little bit of healthiness.

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