Visiting Ko Rok from Kantiang

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Visiting to Ko Rok from Kantiang Bay is super easy and well worth the trip.

These two lovely islands are about one and a half hours by longtail boat from Kantiang Bay and can easily be booked with one of the tour operators in the village. Scubafish also run a weekly diving and snorkelling trip on Thursday on their large and comfy diving boat – journey time, about two hours.

Kantiang Bay Island hopping

The two islands are named Ko Rok Nok (outside) and Ko Rok Nai (inside) and have some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches around. The sand is white and powdery and the sea is crystal clear and turquoise. The shallow reef around both islands has lovely hard corals and a colourful array of tropical reef fish – perfect for snorkelling or divers of all levels. The thick, lush, green jungle is an amazing back-drop, creating a wild, castaway feel. You can camp overnight on Ko Rok. There are basic camping facilities and toilets available. Kantiang Bay’s Freedom Adventures organizes overnight camping trips to Ko Rok.

Kantiang Bay Island hopping


The island is inhabited by a few park rangers who look after the beaches and camping grounds during the high season months of October to May and by some massive monitor lizards reaching up to two meters long! Armies of little crabs march around decorating the beach with little sand bubbles and apart from this, the island is deserted!

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Did you know?

Monitor lizards are from the large and varied genus, Varanus. This genus has 73 species ranging in sizes from 20cm to the over 3m long Komodo Dragon! You can find these lizards living around the world from Africa to India and China and all around South East Asia and parts of Australia and the South Florida Everglades. Many species are carnivorous, feeding on rodents, small reptiles and eggs. Some species are also known for being clever foragers – working in pairs to distract animals from guarding their nests while the other goes in and takes the eggs.

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