Restaurant Review: Ba Kantiang / Kantiang Restaurant

If your in the mood for real Thai food this is the place to go in Kantiang Bay.


Its not at the beach and it doesn’t have a view but it has an authentic Thai atmosphere and more importantly, the best Thai food you will probably eat. They have an English menu and the owner P’On speaks enough English to help you order. Most of the dishes are made for sharing as that’s how Thais normally eat. If you’re eating on your own or just want your own plate of food then look for the “on rice” dishes. Must tries include phad kra poa (stir fried basil and chili), chicken or prawn tempura, stir-fried morning glory with pork and massaman curry. The prices are very reasonable. Dishes range from 80-120THB and “on rice” dishes range from 60-80THB.

PLUS: This is a great place to experience a little bit of authentic Thai life while eating some am amazing Thai food.

MINUS: Making homemade delicious food takes time and the kitchen is quite small so wait times in peak season can be very very very long.

Open: 10AM-10PM (depends on how busy they are)
Service: Lunch, Dinner
Alcohol: yes, selection of beer
Price: $

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